Repurposed Old Kitchen Drawer

Repurposed Old Kitchen Drawer

Repurpose an old drawer into a decorative shelf.

Repurposed drawer

After my husband and I married, we moved into an old house on the family farm that his grandfather had lived in. After living there for about a year, we decided we wanted to build a new home, because the old house was no longer in very good condition.

We wanted our new home built on the same plot of ground as the old house. My husband tore the old house down and while he was ripping out the kitchen cabinets, he asked me if I wanted to keep them for any reason. I told him that, yes I would like to keep them. (Even back then, I had the ‘might need it for something’ way of thinking.) He stored them in an outbuilding where they stayed for several years.

Repurposed Old Drawer Ideas on Pinterest

Then Pinterest came along and there were ideas on how to repurpose old drawers. Below is a before picture of the drawer I chose to repurpose. It has built in dividers that once stored knives, spoons and forks.

I cleaned it up, sanded a lot of the rough areas and chose to paint it an olive green color using chalk paint.

Repurposed Drawer Project Finished

Below is the after picture. That old kitchen drawer repurposed into a nice little shelf cabinet. Plus, I have a small memento of the old house where my husband and I started our life together.

I find it so fun to repurpose items and find new uses for them! Don’t you?

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