DIY Outdoor Sink Made with Cinder Blocks

DIY Outdoor Sink Made with Cinder Blocks

An economical and easy way to create an outdoor sink using cinder blocks that’s very handy for washing garden vegetables, flower pots and gardening tools.

Cinder Block outdoor sink

How to make a low-cost backyard sink

If you’re like me, you try finding low-cost options for creating things you need or want. I needed an outdoor sink for washing garden vegetables, flower pots, garden tools, my hands, etc.

After our kitchen remodel a few years ago, I kept the stainless steel double sink from our old kitchen. That sink is what I would use for my outdoor sink. I thought about building a sink stand with treated lumber, but it’s rather pricey. I began looking for other materials to use for this project.

Cinder blocks sink stand

That’s when cinder blocks crossed my mind. I have seen several ways to use them such as raised beds for vegetable gardens and flower beds, yard benches, fire pits and barbecue grills. I decided to use cinder blocks to build the sink stand.

After measuring the sink, I stacked two columns of blocks far enough apart that the sink wells would fit in between them. I then stacked them to the desired height that I wanted my sink.

Wooden pallet to hang garden tools supplies

Before placing the sink on the cinder block stand, I stood a wooden pallet upright behind the blocks to have something to hang garden tools and other supplies on.

Cinder block outdoor sink

I then placed the sink on top of the blocks and the rim around the sink rests on top.

Cinder block outdoor sink

Outdoor-sink using a garden hose

Inside my greenhouse is a frost-free water hydrant. I hooked a garden hose to that and ran the hose to the outdoor sink. The hose is draped over the pallet above the sink for easy access.

Plumbing for outdoor sink

My husband screwed short drain pipes to the bottom of the sinks to catch the water in buckets underneath. I just empty the buckets when they get full. If it’s only dirty water in the buckets, I’ll use that to water my flowers or garden plants. However, if it’s water from washing something that might kill my plants, I just toss that in the driveway.

You could paint the cinder blocks to make your outdoor sink look nice. Mine is behind the greenhouse so I’m not real concerned with how it looks. But if it was next to my house where it would be easily seen, it would be fun to paint it and fix it up to make it look pretty!

Hope this post has helped if you’ve been wanting to create an outdoor sink.

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